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Mane & Tales Journey began in March 2021 following the loss of a beloved family pet. The business was born from our grief at the loss of our best pal. Having handcrafted a momento of our own we decided to offer our service to others. Starting with just one product our business has now grown offering a wide range of  handmade products catering to all pets. All our products are handmade with care and the understanding of every persons story and bond between their pets.

“Every braid worn has a story to be told” – Amy

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CHRISTMAS HORSESHOES now available to order FROM €15 or 2 €20 

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Each one of our pieces are uniquely for every customer. Our handmade and individual designs aim to reflect each unique case and client. Having apiece that is bespoke and  If you would like to enquire about any of our pieces you can do so through the link below. I am also available on Socials and you can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram or through sending a DM.

** All prices are exclusive of delivery charges but is must be noted that the option to collect is also available **

Our Reflection Room

Our Reflection Room is a private space for peaceful contemplation where you can remember you animal or pet and grieve in peace and quiet. This is free to use for those after they receive their purchase and it is offered to those who need it.

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We have a loyal and appreciative customer base and love to hear their feedback. Have a look at what some of our customers have to say about their products


Glass front pendant filled with "Sandy" a Golden retrievers hair and some gold flakes to add a bit more shimmer and sentimental value to the piece


Putting a special touch to our day highly recommend this thoughtful and unique service.

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